Generations Campaign

When West Jackson began in 1906, our founding members met together with a common goal: reaching the world for Christ. That day, they pooled their money and raised $10 so the Gospel could spread beyond the four walls of their meeting place. With that first meeting, they set the wheels in motion for a long tradition of making sacrifices so the news of Jesus could spread. Today, as we celebrate the multiple generations represented in our church, we build on that history of giving as we work together to leave a legacy for future generations.

Our current facility has served us well for nearly 25 years, but as our church has grown and changed, so have the ways we use our space. There are currently several spaces in our church which could be better utilized with some improvements. Below, you’ll learn more about some needs our long-range planning team has identified that we believe we can meet if we work together! Please join us in praying about how you can be a part of this exciting season in the life of our church.

Black and White image of West Jackson Baptist Church's first campus

Renovation Goals


  • Lower the ceiling for better acoustics and reduced heating/cooling costs
  • Build a small stage with built-in A/V equipment
  • Build an outdoor space for gathering
  • Create an overall venue that is able to more effectively host events


  • The Generations Hall is complete and serves as a space for our adult midweek, college midweek, mature adult community group, and other gatherings!
Image of Large Room with hanging chandeliers, stage, and round tables with chairs.


  • Move our Preschool Wing to be closer to the Kids Wing in order to improve the Sunday morning experience for young families in our church, particularly guest families
  • Create an open, convenient check-in area for both preschool and kids ministry
  • Enhance safety and accountability by reducing the number of entrances


  • Work on the new preschool wing is currently underway!


  • Convert to energy-efficient lights which will give us greater control of the room lighting and save money over time
  • Install HD digital camera equipment to improve our outreach through live streamed services
  • Upgrade our audio equipment to increase the quality of our worship services


  • Centralize staff offices for greater accountability and collaboration


  • Create a welcoming entry point for our mature adults through designated parking and a covered walkway


  • Improve the Sunday morning experience by creating designated areas for coffee, information, resources, and fellowship


  • Bring out-of-date hallways, floors, and bathrooms up to the level of quality found in our other spaces

How can we meet these needs?

  • Total project cost is approximately $3 million.
  • Our church is currently debt-free.

If you have any questions, please contact our church office at 731-660-4535.

Can I still participate in this campaign?

Yes, you can! Before you take any action, we encourage you to pray. Seek the Lord and ask Him to guide your steps.

If you are ready to commit to being part of this campaign, thank you so much! Please fill out this online commitment card to begin your journey.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, click the button below and select Generations under the Fund tab.