Deacon Nominations

If you would like to nominate prospective men to serve as a Deacon at West Jackson, please fill out this form.

All Active Deacons must be:

• At least 25 years of age or older as of the date he takes office.

• A member of WJBC for at least 1 year immediately preceding the date on which he takes office. Exception: Men who join WJBC by initial profession of faith shall have been a member for 2 consecutive years.

• He must be committed to practicing the five all-ins:

        1. Engage in worship
        2. Connect with a small group
        3. Serve in a ministry role
        4. Invest and invite those who are unchurched to take a step towards Jesus
        5. Give generously

• Supportive of the pastors and participating in the programs of the church.