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Why Do We Need Community?

You were created to live in community. Specifically, you were created for community with God and community with other people. God calls each one of us to receive His gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. But every one who places their faith in Christ are not alone and cannot grow without the influence and help of others. After all, we have been brought together into the family of God. And so a great part of our life together as a church is to meet and encourage one another to continue to walk and grow in God’s amazing grace.

Growing & Serving Together.

The community we build as believers has so much to do with the time and intentionality we give to others around us. A simple look at the many ‘one anothers’ of the Bible give us a clear picture of the kind of community God wants to build in His church: a community of people who are committed to give, pray, encourage, challenge, teach, listen, sing, and serve one another even as we share God’s grace with the outside world. Our ministries at West Jackson serve that exact purpose. Will you join us?

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