Serve 731

For the past few years, West Jackson has gathered in April for Serve 731 Day, a day dedicated to serving others around the city of Jackson.

This year, we are shifting our focus from serving on one day to Loving those around us, Serving our community, and Sharing our faith throughout the year.

As we commit to Serve 731, you can sign up for a group project using the link below, or find individual ways to Love, Serve, and Share. Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Commit to Pray for a specific lost friend(s).
  • Send a note of encouragement.
  • Speak a word of encouragement to a store employee.
  • Ask your waiter/waitress how you can pray for them before your meal.
  • Build relationships with your neighbors.
  • Prayer Walk a street in your neighborhood.


  • Visit a neighbor who is shut-in.
  • Take a meal to someone.
  • Volunteer with RIFA, the Dream Center, etc. 
  • Sign up to serve in a “new to you” ministry at church.
  • Run errands for someone who is sick.
  • Participate in a Serve 731 Project.


  • Have a gospel conversation with a friend.
  • Attend an evangelism training at West Jackson.
  • Invite someone to an event at church, like VBS or a Worship Night.
  • Have some of your neighbors over for a cookout and include them in your mealtime routines, including prayer and how you saw God at work through the day.


Neighbor Day

Saturday, September 23

How well do you know your neighbors?
Join us on this day to be on mission in your neighborhood. You can check out a list of ideas at the link below. On the Sunday after Neighbor Day, you’ll have a chance to submit stories about how you were able to love and serve those who live closest to you.

Neighbor Day Ideas
Share a Neighbor Day Report