Disciples Path

Follow Jesus by learning how to be a faithful disciple and training others through intentional relationships.

What is Disciples Path?

Disciples Path is an initiative of West Jackson to help provide resources and training for all of our members to be part of a discipleship process. Being part of intentional discipleship is the calling of every Christian, and so we want to help connect you to opportunities to dig deeper into your faith and learn how to train others.

Connecting Through Relationships

There are many ways in which we experience discipleship as we learn who God is, respond to the Gospel, and seek to live out our faith every day. The one context in which discipleship thrives, though, is through intentional relationships. And so West Jackson seeks to provide all of our members with an opportunity to be trained and mentored, and then to train others.

Resources To Help

Through our DisciplesPath Curriculum, everyone who is involved in discipleship at West Jackson can have all the available resources needed to effectively disciple. We also offer training so that those who disciple others can be fully equipped to do so.

Start Your Path Today

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