College Ministry

West Jackson provides a place for students to be supported, encouraged, and equipped to serve their church and their community as they seek out God’s calling in their lives.

West Jackson is passionate about seeing college aged students become leaders of today. We believe that the young adult years are some of the most formative years and we strive to teach our college students how to live their life on mission. We do this in two ways —  by creating opportunities for college aged students to be a part of the larger body of West Jackson through serving in ministry roles throughout the church and to help connect them with their own peer group through engaging times of Bible study and monthly fellowship gatherings.


  • Worship @ 10:30a
  • College Bible Study @ 9:00am in College Room (upstairs next to the Student Wing)

West Jackson offers a scholarship for students of Union University each year. You can learn more about our criteria and guidelines and apply by downloading the following form:

Here are just a few of our upcoming events for this Fall in college ministry at West Jackson: