Our Mission & Vision

Discover and be a part of God’s calling for the church to be a Gospel Community on Mission.

What is the Gospel?

We have all turned away from God in some way or another, rejecting His rightful place in our lives and falling far short of His holiness. Because of our sin, we were separated from God deserving His eternal punishment. But God, who is rich in mercy, sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to live the life we should have lived and die the death we should have died. Jesus endured our punishment for sin on the cross. Jesus was then raised from the dead three days later, conquering sin and death. Those who put their faith in Jesus and His work on the cross will not only have eternal life but also a right and joyful relationship with God here and now.

What is Community?

A “Gospel Community” is a gathering of imperfect people who have found their hope in Jesus and His Gospel. We believe the good news about Jesus is more than just a story or set of beliefs. It is the life-changing power of God that is meant to be woven into every area of our lives. As we commit to share our lives together in authentic community, we can begin to see God do amazing things in and around us. And so we seek to encourage one another through the Scriptures, pray for one another continually, and trust in the transforming presence of Jesus to change us all day by day.

What is the Mission?

Under the authority of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church has been given a command: “Go and make disciples…” Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations, languages, and people groups to bring glory to the Father (Matthew 28:18-20). The entire church community shares this calling from Jesus to live out His mission in every place we find ourselves in life. The New Testament church was born in the context of this mission (Acts 1-2). The Church is always going, because it is not a building at all–but rather a people who live daily within reach of a lost world (1 Peter 2:9).

At West Jackson, it is our passion to seek to live out our faith, transform the culture around us, and share the Good News with those who have never heard in Jackson, North America, and throughout the world. If this vision excites you, we would love to connect with you more and invite you to join our Gospel Community On Mission.